Cole Miller: Here To Suffer – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cole Miller

In the future, powerful men can seize “common boys” – young men of the working class – and use them as they wish, as long as the boys are not permanently damaged. The young men know they must cooperate or be hurt even more, that they have no official recourse and can have their lives ruined if they resist. Cole is strung up by his neck, naked, barely able to move. He is being “warmed-up” by another boy, his ordeal filmed by a man who does not want to appear on video. Cole’s back already aches from the awkward position. His body is lean and supple, smooth and unblemished, his cock large and responsive. He could easily be a model, with his boyish good looks and lanky physique, but instead he is a torture slave. He is being whipped for no other reason than his beauty. And his suffering has just begun.