Cleaning Station

Actors: Roman Todd, Ethan Sinn

Ethan Sinn is a scrawny, submissive sub who is too tempting for Roman Todd not to ignore.One of the amenities at the Bondage Compound is the Cleaning Station. Hot stud Roman Toddhas finished a day full of domination and is ready to be cleaned by one of the house slaves.Ethan Sinn is a scrawny submissive who is known by his slave number, 795. Roman Todd,wearing only his tight, leather pants, can’t resist dominating another pathetic weakling beforegoing home. First he takes a leather strap to 795’s bare ass. Roman ignores 795’s pain as hewhips out his cock and places it under 795’s nose. 795 knows what to do, suck that cock! Boundby rope, facing the wall, 795’s buttcheeks turn red from the intense flogging. Roman ignores795’s whimpering and turns the flogger to his ribs, chest and nipples. Roman gets hard from theabuse and slides his hard cock in 795’s anus. Roman pounds the sub’s tight hole. 795 is nowbound in rope to a stool, arms tied behind his back. Even his slave cock is wrapped tight.Roman attaches nipple clamps on 795’s nipples, thighs and stomach. He uses a crop to tease795, until he slaps the clamps away. The bit gag in 795’s mouth only allows a muffled screamthat is easy for Roman to ignore. He isn’t finished tormenting his sub. Stones are attached bychain to 795’s balls. Roman adds more and more stones until the weight is nearly unbearablefor 795. The sub is finally allowed to suck and clean Roman’s feet. Roman lies face down on thecleaning table and 795 washes his firm, muscular body with soap and warm water. Roman can’t resist fucking his slave in the ass again. He cums on his slave’s face and 795 hungrily licks the rest of the cum off Roman’s cock. Roman generously allows his slave to cum on his foot, which of course he must lick clean.