Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cameron Basinger, Axel Johnson

Young Cameron Basinger wakes up when he feels a hand on his abs only to realize he is strapped to a wooden T-cross flat on his back. Even after fucking the boy for hours, Axel Johnson is far from enacting all his fantasies. He’s dressed Cameron in tight briefs so small they show off his tan lines then strokes the slave’s fine body and shocks him repeatedly with a taser. Suddenly, the cross starts to rise. Cameron is soon upright, crucified, his muscles displayed perfectly. Axel still isn’t satisfied. He uses a riding crop to beat Cameron’s nipples, abs and other sensitive areas as the boy strains on the cross. He cuts off the hairless youth’s underwear, leaving him completely naked, hanging in agony, his own body weight pulling him apart, until he collapses in exhaustion, barely able to breathe.