Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cameron Basinger, Axel Johnson

“Why are you doing this?” Cameron asks in his boyish innocence, his legs spread wide in a sling, his ass trembling in fear. It’s a silly question; he knew all along that this man would fuck him. “You’re hurting me!” he says as Axel spanks his quivering fuck-hole with an open hand before shoving his erect cock into Cameron’s mouth, getting even harder. Axel eats the boy’s asshole while working his own and Cameron’s cock. Cameron sucks Axel’s huge cock eagerly when it’s presented to him, hoping against hope that if he pleases this man he won’t be hurt even more. Axel moves from the boy’s mouth to his ass until his cock is rock hard. Then it happens: He rams his cock deep up Cameron’s puckering asshole and fucks the moaning youth like he’s a cheap whore, pulling out at the last moment and cumming all over Cameron’s muscular torso.