Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cameron Basinger, Axel Johnson

Cameron remains chained, naked, in Axel Johnson’s dungeon, but now he is facing the wall, his back and ass fully exposed. And what a back and ass he has: broad, muscular shoulders tapering down to a delicious bubble-butt, the only part of his body not bronzed by the sun. Axel grabs his slave by the waist and pulls his ass away from the wall, inspecting his quivering boy-hole then slapping his bright, white cheeks hard, turning them as pink as the highlights in his hair. Axel rubs his hard cock up and down Cameron’s ass, teasing him, but, before being fucked, that ass must be whipped. Axel starts with a flogger. The blows are painful, but the real pain comes next, when Axel slices Cameron’s muscles, from his shoulders to his ass, with a single-tail whip.