Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cameron Basinger, Axel Johnson

Axel Johnson loves his new plaything: Muscle boy Cameron Basinger. With his pink hair and mascara, Cameron is a total gay boy but with the body of brick layer, from his softball-sized biceps and beefy six pack to his thick thighs and meaty calves. Axel loves slapping the boy’s muscles, turning his tanned skin red. Just for fun, he clamps clothespins on Cameron’s nipples, balls and navel, sending him into spasms of pain, which gets even worse when Axel rips off the pins and blood flows into the fresh wounds. Despite the pain – or maybe because of it – Cameron’s dick stays rock-hard and oozes pre-cum, much to Axel’s delight. Axel works the boy’s cock and it gets even harder and, then – Boom! – it erupts, spewing loads of cum like nothing we’ve seen in years.