Cameron Basinger – Pretty In Pink – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Cameron Basinger, Axel Johnson

Our aggressive dom Axel Johnson spots young Cameron Basinger strutting down the boardwalk like he owns it, wearing ripped cutoffs and a pink crop-top. He’s totally gay, with pink highlights in his platinum hair and mascara lining his eyes, but he has the thick legs and muscular torso of a masculine hunk. He is a total fantasy boy, and he knows it. All it takes is a wave of Axel’s hand over the boy’s drink when he isn’t looking and Cameron, a bit dazed, follows him to his car. An hour later he’s chained to a wall in a cement room, gagged and blindfolded. He feels a hand on his chest, pulling up his shirt, stroking his muscles and pinching his nipples. Minutes later, Cameron’s cock is rock-hard, jutting out of his shorts and dripping pre-cum, as Axel slaps and flogs his naked body, then shocks him with a cattle prod.