Caleb Morphy – Southern Boy – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Caleb Morphy, Cole Blue

After his terrible ordeal on the cross, hanging in agony and shocked with electric current, Caleb Morphy is allowed to “rest,” face-planted on a wooden box, naked, bound at his wrists and ankles by a single steel brace, whimpering in his innocent, boyish way. Young master Cole Blue returns with a massive, ridged “punishment dildo” which he shoves up the 18-year-old’s ass. Caleb has been fucked before but not like this, not by such a cruel device. His screams and gasps are music to Cole’s ears as the boy absorbs the abuse of his incredibly tight hole, too exhausted to do anything but take it. Cole then beats his slave’s feet with a fiberglass stick.