Caleb Morphy – Southern Boy – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Caleb Morphy, Cole Blue

Young Caleb Morphy is bolted to a cross, flat on his back, all night, naked and cold, his stomach sucked in and his sexy nipples pointing at the ceiling. He’s jolted out of a restless slumber when he and the cross are lifted off the floor until he is hanging from his wrists and ankles – crucified. The pain is immediate as his body weight pulls at his joints and tendons. Every muscle in his lean physique flexes as he tries to relieve the strain on his shoulders, chest and legs. He struggles to breathe. His fit, hairless body looks amazing, stretched and displayed perfectly as he struggles and moans in agony. Then Cole Blue, the ultimate sadist, attaches electrodes to the crucified boy’s genitals and shocks him repeatedly.