Caleb Morphy – Southern Boy – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Caleb Morphy, Cole Blue

After whipping him mercilessly, master Cole Blue lowers slave boy Caleb Morphy to his knees and orders him to jerk off. Despite the pain from his beatings, Caleb works his cock diligently and pumps out a load of cum then collapses in exhaustion. Still, an hour later, when Cole returns, he raises Caleb off the floor by his ankles then lashes his inverted body, front and back, dozens of times with the single-tail whip and sprays the fresh wounds with rubbing alcohol. “Please,” the boy begs. “I came for you!” But Cole’s sadism only worsens. He attaches electrodes to the boy’s ankles and shocks him repeatedly while lashing him!