Brian Bonds and Tony Orlando Part 2

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Brian Bonds, Tony Orlando

After getting his asshole blown out by Brian Bonds’ thick fist, Tony Orlando crawls back in his cardboard box to suck Brian’s dick through the homemade glory hole. Tony brings Brian to the brink of cumming but abruptly stops so he can bust Brian’s hole. The dirty street whore warms Brian up by licking his ass and when he can tell that Brian is ready to go, Tony slides his fist all the way into Brian’s eager ass. Brian loves the feeling of Tony’s fist moving around inside his body pushing in and out and keeps begging for more. Brian takes control and tells Tony to lie back and lube up even more. Tony does as he’s told and Brian hops on to ride Tony’s clenched fist. After taking it as deep as he can, Brian rolls onto his back where Tony licks his rosebud and jacks his cock. Brian wants Tony’s fist one last time so Tony sticks it to him again as Brian’s cock erupts with jizz. Brian’s eyes are rolled all the way to the back of his head as Tony pulls out and fills Brian’s asshole with the fresh cum.