Brian Bonds and Tony Orlando Part 1

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Brian Bonds, Tony Orlando

Brian Bonds finds affordable slut, Tony Orlando, living in a cardboard box. For twenty bucks, Tony gets on his knees and blows Brian’s growing cock. When Brian gets hard as a rock, he bends the dirty vagrant over to eat his ass. Tony admits to fucking about twenty guys earlier that day and Brian can taste their loads inside Tony’s ass. For a bit more money, Brian slips his cock inside Tony’s sloppy and used asshole and starts pounding away. Brian soon realizes that Tony is so loose that he can barely feel his thick cock inside him. Brian wants to see exactly how much Tony’s big gaping hole can take so he slips his fist inside and goes wrist deep. Tony takes is like the whore he is as Brian gives him an added bonus and shoves his cock inside next to his fist. Brian alternates between his cock and his hand pounding Tony’s hole until his rosebud pops. After a nice long fisting session, Tony blasts his massive load as Brian scoops it up and dumps it back into to Tony’s used up asshole.