Brian Bonds And Manuel Olveyra

Brian Bonds raises his black booted boots in the air and takes Manuel Olveyra’s hand deep up his anal passage. These pigs wear their kink with pride: Brian wears red leather and Manuel wears blue. Manuel exposes Brian’s giant pink rosebud and sticks his tongue all the way inside. Now that he’s demonstrated how it’s done, it’s time for Brian Bonds to convert Manuel from a fisting newbie to a nasty, needy punch slut! Manuel’s tight, puckered sphincter takes a lot of effort to open up wide, and Brian pushes Manuel to the brink of his limits. This is the biggest hole-busting workout Manuel’s ever had! Brian finally gets what he wants: a gaping, wide-open ring. Grabbing his throbbing cock, Brian smacks his thick shaft right into the crack between Manuel’s ass cheeks, and the lube stretches from skin to skin like massive strings of precum. Putting his fist deep into Manuel’s hole again, Brian jerks out a load that plummets down towards the camera, like you’ve been lying there on your back this whole time waiting to catch that hot load in your mouth.

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Brian Bonds, Manuel Olveyra