Brian Bonds And Luka Sage Part 1

Brian Bonds is working the front desk at the ‘Fisting Theater’ when Luka Sage comes in to audition fresh from Iowa. The boss is out so Brian offers to run the audition for him. Luka agrees and gets up on a table to show his stuff by getting down to his jockstrap and offering up his hole for Brian to eat out. Brian’s experienced tongue opens Luka up but a tongue can only go so far. Brian loves what he tastes and wants to get Luka gaping wide. He starts by sticking in a finger or two and works his way up by slowly inserting a few more at a time. Soon Brian has his entire fist inside Luka’s wide asshole. Brian realizes that the small-town guy from Iowa can take anything you throw his way, and Brian starts fist punching Luka’s giant hole. Luke pushes back and shows his rosebud as Brian continues the relentless pace with his fist, keeping Luka on edge until he can’t hold back any longer. With Brian’s fist planted deep inside his ass, Luka lets loose and blasts his giant load all over himself.

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Brian Bonds, Luka Sage