Brian Bonds And Luka Sage Part 2

Luka Sage has just impressed Brian Bonds with his audition to be a fisting performer. Before Luka can get the job, Brian wants to see how Luka can handle a little role reversal. Brian starts by pulling down his pants and offering up his vein-popping cock for Luka to wrap his warm lips around. Luka’s magic mouth gets Brian revved up even more and he turns around to plant his ass on Luka’s face. Luka works Brian’s hole with his tongue, warming it up for what’s about to come. Luka is eager to show off his skills as a top and slips his fingers and fist deep into Brian’s back door. Luka goes in slowly until he’s wrist deep in the gaping employee. Luka keeps handballing Brian’s sloppy hole until his rosebud makes an appearance. Luka is thrilled when he sees it because he knows he’s doing his job correctly and is another step closer to getting the job. After getting his hole used, Brian takes control and hops on to ride Luka’s fist. He bounces up and down until Luka takes over one last time and fists the cum out of the writhing stud. Will Luka’s performance get him the job of performing at the fisting theater?

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Brian Bonds, Luka Sage