Brian Bonds And Eli Lewis Part 3

Brian Bonds crouches on a pile of giant tires in the Bondage Garage and enjoys a deep rim job from Eli Lewis. Wearing only a white jockstrap, Eli eagerly services Brian’s hairy hole with his tongue. Brian has provided a Magic Wand, which Eli inserts fully into Brian’s ass. As Brian enjoys the intense anal stimulation from the vibrator, Eli services Brian’s huge, hard cock. Tying Brian’s leg’s back with leather straps, Eli manipulates the Magic Wand to give Brian the most intense prostate massage. Next, Eli creates a clothespin zipper across Brian’s chest, down his torso, and encircling his ballsack. Eli grabs a massive black sex toy and teases Brian’s mouth with it. Removing the Magic Wand, Eli reapplies lube to Brian’s hole and inserts the toy. Brian’s ass swallows the toy to an incredible depth. Eli removes the clothespins on Brian’s balls, revealing red indentations where the teeth bit into Brian’s sensitive skin. The combination of pain and pleasure sends Brian over the top, and he blows a massive load across his rippling abs.

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Brian Bonds, Eli Lewis