Brian Bonds And Eli Lewis Part 1

Brian Bonds rolls into the ‘Bondage Garage’ with junk in his trunk: specifically, Eli Lewis, who is lying naked, bound, gagged, and blindfolded in the back of Brian’s SUV. Brian pulls Eli out of the car and has him stand in the center of the dark, dirty garage. Utilizing his rope skills, Brian connects Eli’s wrist restraints to his collar. Grabbing an industrial-size roll of shrink wrap, Brian encircles Eli’s entire body until his arms and torso are completely immobilized. A rope running down Eli’s back, underneath the shrink wrap, enables Brian to suspend Eli from a pulley. Brian gets out his big, thick cock and feeds it to Eli, giving the captive sub the change to practice his oral skills. As a reward for a job well done, Brian sucks Eli’s cock for a spell. Now focusing on Eli’s ass, Brian spreads the firm cheeks and uses his tongue to lube up the tight hole. Picking up a massive industrial pipe wrench, Brian lubes up the handle and slides it into his submissive bottom. Eli moans as the huge tool disappears inside his stretched hole. Brian fucks Eli’s ass with the handle, then makes Eli clean the handle with his tongue. Grabbing an oil can, Brian slicks up his fat cock and thrusts it in Eli’s backdoor. Eli submits completely, shouting out, ‘Thank you, sir!’ in between moans as Brian relentlessly pounds away. Picking up speed, Brian pummels Eli’s hole with his cock, and the intense penetration makes Eli cum. But Brian’s not done with him yet…

Studio: Fetish Force
Actors: Brian Bonds, Eli Lewis