Brian Bonds And Ben Reyes

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Brian Bonds, Ben Reyes

You can almost smell Brian Bonds’ crusted jock strap. It’s all he’s wearing, except a pair of black latex gloves. At the end of the gloves is the hole of Ben Reyes, who’s on his knees with his legs spread, eagerly relenting to Brian’s fist allowing it to glide past his sphincter muscles. Brian is in no hurry. He uses one hand, then another, pivoting his wrist. Ben’s hole is ready. Each time it is breached, it remains open a bit wider, revealing hints of the rosebud within. Sweat and lube drip down Ben’s flanks as Brian increases the pace, switching rapidly from left fist to right. Ben flips onto his back to reveal a smooth and swarthy chest. He gets a kiss as Brian’s fist drills deeper, past the wrist to the forearm. A short bout of punch-fucking gets the cum churning in Ben’s balls. His hand jacks and his ass muscles clamp down on the hand within as his cock spews forth cum. Brian’s hand slips out; Ben’s mouth turns up in a smile as he twitches from the release.