Brian Adams: Owned and Broken – Chapter 9


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Brian Adams

Brian has lost track of time. He’s kept chained, always naked, in a cold dungeon, never able to really lie down or sit comfortably, usually in darkness. Some days he’s simply hosed down and given a bedpan. Some days he’s dragged into another room and tortured. Other days – like today – his master, Anthony Martin, flips on the lights and demands to be blown. “Open up, boy!” Anthony demands, removing his leather thong, his big cock throbbing. “Please, it’s too big,” Brian begs. “Suck it!” Anthony sneers, shoving his massive, erect phallus deep down Brian’s throat. This tough, aggressive straight stud is broken, a total fuck slave and cum bucket. Anthony fucks Brian’s face for a good fifteen minutes then makes him hold his mouth open as Anthony cums all over his lips and face and down his throat.