Brian Adams: Owned and Broken – Chapter 5


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Anthony Martin, Brian Adams

Brian hangs by his wrists, naked, in a cold garage, his cock still semi-erect after jerking off. His eyes widen with terror as his master, Anthony Martin, removes a single-tail whip from the wall in front of him. Anthony strikes the concrete floor with the whip, making a sound that sends a shiver down Brian’s back. “That thing is going to hit me!” he thinks. “Ready?” Anthony says with a sneer then lays into his slave’s back and ass with the whip. Brian screams and buckles in pain but the lashes keep coming, one after another, leaving angry welts up and down his back and ass. Between lashes, Anthony gropes and spanks his slave, fingers his asshole and fondles his large, curved penis with its strangely sexy birthmark. Brian’s dick stays semi-erect despite the pain of dozens of lashes. He is a broken boy, hanging limp, absorbing each whip-blow with a whimper. Anthony cuts him down and leads him to the rear of a car. Brian barely resists as he’s locked in the trunk. Only when he finds himself in total darkness does he kick and yelp, helpless, naked and alone.