Brian Adams: Owned and Broken – Chapter 4


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Anthony Martin, Brian Adams

Brian remains bound facedown to a low table, completely naked, his back, ass and legs covered with welts. He moans from the pain and humiliation of having his asshole fucked for the first time, by a man with a cock the size of a 16-ounce beer can. But Anthony Martin isn’t done torturing and humiliating him. “Kiss it!” Anthony demands, pushing his still erect cock into Brian’s face. The young stud kisses the cock then takes it deep into his throat again – anything to avoid further whipping. “Say thank you!” Anthony demands, whipping him and fingering his hole, then busting a huge load of cum all over his back. Wildly turned on, Anthony flogs Brian’s shoulders, ass and upper legs, avoiding the coating of splooge. An hour later, the now broken stud is chained to a beam in a cold garage and ordered to cum. He has a large, if odd, cock, with its birthmark, but, no matter, he complies — and the cum flies.