Brian Adams: Owned and Broken – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Anthony Martin, Brian Adams

Brian Adams is the kind of stud who is always on top, whether he’s fucking a girl or beating some gay sub’s ass then fucking it. He’s a top, a total dom. Not in our dungeon. Today, he gets round-one of the full DreamBoyBondage treatment. He’s bolted to a wall, in a T-shirt and tight jock, blindfolded and gagged, his back already aching from the awkward position he’s forced to maintain. Anthony Martin enters, wearing his signature leather boots, jock and cap – and carrying a horse whip. “You fucking pretty boys think you own the world. I got news for you: I own the world and now I own you!” he tells the helpless straight-boy, slapping his face and ripping-open his shirt. He rubs Brian’s smooth, lean muscles, bites his nipples and squeezes his genitals. “Fuck you!” Brian yells when Anthony finally rips off the tape-gag. “I’ll fucking kill you!” he screams. “I like a little fight,” Anthony replies then whips the stud’s nipples, abs and balls, harder with each arrogant comment. This stallion will be broken.