Bradley – Master’s Pet – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Bradley, Jared

Jared has put a new jock on his torture slave and now has his legs spread over a bondage chair, a steel shaft topped with a steel ball mounted on its seat, right under his ass. Jared pushes down on Bradley’s hips, forcing the straight boy to penetrate his asshole with the steel ball. The naked youth, moaning in agony, lifts himself off the steel plug a few times only to have Jared push him back down on it. Then Jared bends Bradley’s knees, raising his feet off the ground, and ropes his ankles to the chair, permanently impaling him. Bradley moans and gasps, his tight torso undulating in agony. Jared clamps Bradley’s tender, pink nipples with two biting clips, making the boy moan and writhe even more intensely. Still, despite the pain of the deep violation, Bradley’s massive cock gets rock-hard as Jared strokes away.