Bradley – Master’s Pet – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Bradley, Jared

Bradley has been roped against the wall so long he has lost track of time. His cock and balls are tightly bound with hemp rope tied to a barbell on the floor behind him. The man torturing him, Jared, pushes the barbell back, painfully stretching his cock and balls and arching his ass off the wall. In this precarious, painful position, Bradley is flogged – even more brutally this time. Jared takes a break from the flogging just long enough to slap and grab Bradley’s ass as he moans in agony. Then Bradley feels a finger penetrate his virginal asshole. “Oh god!” he thinks, “I’m going to be fucked!” You sure are, boy. Then the dildo fucking will be roped in place permanently while your balls are stretched and your body is whipped.