Bradley – Master’s Pet – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Bradley, Jared

Bradley is the definition of a dream boy: blond and lean, with a tiny waist, narrow hips, a firm ass, broad shoulders, smooth skin, shapely legs and just enough muscle. Best of all, his huge, beautiful cock gets hard and stays hard. Jared, fully clothed, loves displaying and tormenting this boy for no other reason than his youth and beauty. He has ringed Bradley’s pecs with clothespins and placed three on each half-dollar-sized nipple. The college swimmer squirms against the ropes binding him to the wall, moaning seductively from the pain of the pins. Still, his cock gets rock hard with just a few strokes – and stays hard as Jared places nine more clothespins on his balls and a spring-loaded clamp on this tip of his cock. Later, after removing the pins, Jared edges the teenager for hours.