Bradley – Master’s Pet – Chapter 1

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Bradley, Jared

Yesterday, Bradley was a typical, 19-year-old college boy. Today, he is the victim of his own stupidity and good looks. Jared has entrapped Bradley by playing on his weakness for gambling, getting him indebted to some very shady men then offering to cover the debt if Bradley offers his body to be used however the young sadist likes. Bradley has no choice but to agree and is now hooded, stripped to his underwear and roped to a wall. Jared rips open the boy’s shirt, revealing a smooth swimmer’s body, then reaches into his jock, pulling out a huge cock. A few strokes and the teen is rock hard, ready for a long session of torture and abuse, which begins now, with an electric wand and 35 clothespins.