Boyhous and Caedon Chase

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Boyhous, Caedon Chase

Game’s on for Boyhous and Caedon Chase, both of themprofessional sexpigs eager to rock the other to his foundation.Boyhous is first: his legs spread open, and his manhole waiting withanticipation. Caedon charges right in, his flying fist covered in lube,making his lean hairy partner emit low guttural moans of approval.More fist-pumping, more prodding, more digging really gets Boyhousgoing! The tender tissue of Boyhous’s asshole quickly exposes,protruding and flushing out its crimson interior. It looks like it hurts,but the pain is pleasure and the two play even harder. Theadrenaline’s still pumping when Caedon gets down and yields his assand Boyhous is just as determined to pillage that hole and handilydoles out some ass pounding. Caedon grimaces with every blow andhis cries provoke Boyhous to get even rougher. Chilled and thrilled,Caedon finally busts his nut. Boyhous follows suit, spooging all overtheir leather nest and then licking it clean.