Boy Roped Up And Fucked Raw

Studio: Young Bastards
Actors: Sly Conan, Cesar Rose

Fit boy Sly Conan is out on the prowl when lean and twinky Cesar Rose catches his eye. It takes a while before the boy realizes he’s being stalked, but he still seems to have no clue what the handsome lad is really after. Perhaps he knows he’s looking for sex, but he doesn’t seem to realize he’s about to become Sly’s fuck slave! When the young man gets him alone he pounces, grabbing young Cesar and tying his hands, revealing his meaty cock and stuffing it in the boy’s face. It’s not that Cesar knows he should comply, it’s that he doesn’t want to fight back. The taste of precum leaking into his mouth has his own cock bulging and oozing clear juice, he craves more. Bent over with his ass on show he takes an aggressive fingering, but the digits inside are only prepping him for the raw ramming meat Sly is about to deliver. Fucked hard from behind the boy cries out, his torment mixed with pleasure as he takes it, his dick bouncing and glistening. When the handsome dom has had enough of his hole he pulls out to deliver the final act of ownership, firing off ropes of cum over his captive’s face, an action which soon has Cesar wanking out his own heavy cream.