Boy On The Stocks Fucked Raw

Studio: Young Bastards
Actors: Will Nouvak, Axel Berti

Axel isn’t going to say no when his horny friend Will suggests trying on the stocks, the boy knows what’s coming and he wants his tight little raw fuckhole well and truly used. The captive boy gets a feast of hard and dripping cock to suck before Will jabs his rigid meat into that tight ass, parting his plump cheeks and invading his hole, ramming his pal deep. Freed from his restraints young Axel can more easily ride his friend’s raw shaft and properly enjoy it, sliding up and down on that rigid pole while his own uncut dick flops around and his cum-loaded balls bounce. The feel of hot cum splashing up his back is what ultimately makes his own meat explode a fountain of cum, splashing it out all over as his body trembles.