Boy In need Of An Arse Ravaging Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Jacob Daniels, Sean Taylor

Jacob has really been through it. He started out being a cock sucker for Sean’s big meat in part one of this sex session, then got his arse totally used by the bareback dom in part two, now it’s finally time for the lad to get the cum sucked and stroked out of his big pink dick! Sean gets him into position, hanging from above, his legs apart and his dick hanging ready to be used. He gets to work, sucking and wanking the gorgeous lad’s perfect prick, tasting the precum leaking from his foreskin-covered tip. With a little break to slide a toy back into the boy’s hole he increases the pleasure even more, soon enough young Jacob is finding it harder not to cum. Of course, Sean wants it, after owning the boy and splashing his own load minutes ago all he wants is to make that cock erupt too, a demand soon met when semen starts to spew from the lad’s dick all over the floor. With a final taste of the young man’s cum Sean is finally pleased, well, almost. There’s enough time for him to punish his boy with some painful flogging before he can finally be released.