Benvi and Ty Roderick – Born Slave – Chapter 2

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Benvi, Ty Roderick

Benvi is a classic twink, looking younger than his 21 years, naturally smooth but for a smattering of armpit hair and trimmed pubes. His body is lean and fit with an ample cock and ass, his face pretty and boyish. Best of all, he is terrified, bound naked to a chair, arms high, legs spread. The pain of a riding crop smacking his chest and stomach is terrible, the lashing from a single-tail whip even worse. He cries out in agony but eagerly sucks his master’s cock when it’s shoved in his face. “I’ll do better,” he pleads, tears running down his face, but Ty Roderick couldn’t be more pleased. Breaking them in is half the fun, and this boy is one hot piece of ass.