Balls to the Wall: Dominic Pacifico Brutalizes His Gimp Aiden Tyler

Actors: Aiden Tyler, Dominic Pacifico

Latex clad Master Dominic Pacifico is in a particularly brutal mood and dishes out a hefty dose of punishment on his gimp Aiden Tyler. Dominic drags Aiden into the dungeon and ties his arms securely to the walls. Aiden is smacked with a baton to tenderize his body. Dominic then goes for the balls, hanging a bucket that he fills with weights one by one to see how much his gimp’s testicles can take. Next, Aiden is bent over with his arms tied in front of him and his balls tied behind him to the wall. Master Pacifico flogs and paddles his gimp while seizing every opportunity he can to strain the rope attached to Aiden’s balls. Finally, Aiden is fucked in his ass until Dominic blows a load of cum directly on the gimp’s face. Master Pacifico grants Aiden permission to cum and then feeds it straight back to the gimp.