Axel Johnson – The Contest I – Chapter 2


Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Joseph Mathews

Axel Johnson might think he’s a big-time top but, at the moment, he is a naked boy bolted in a pillory and used like a piece of meat. Pretty boy Joseph Mathews can’t get enough of this young stud’s cock. He sucks it, licks it and strokes it until Axel is on the verge of losing it, moaning and squirming, wild with desire. He finally spews a huge load of cum, but he must pay a dear price for this moment of sexual release: Joseph beats his nipples, navel and inner thighs with a riding crop. “You’re gonna pay for this!” Alex screams, but, as soon as Joseph leaves and he thinks no one is watching, he pleads for mercy, if only to himself, his inner-boy never far from the surface.