Axel Abysse And Brandon Moore Part 3

Brandon Moore braces his left leg high on a St. Andrew’s cross, allowing Axel Abysse full access to his chute. With his gloved hand dripping in lube, Axel reaches up into Brandon’s back pocket. Rivers of viscous lube stream down Brandon’s legs. With both feet on the ground, Brandon squats down low with his back on the cross, grinding his hole on Axel’s fist. When Axel’s fist fucking has Brandon about to bust, he lies down on the ground in a puddle of lube and jerks his cock until his load explodes across his chest. The orgasm shakes Brandon’s body, and now he wants to make Axel cum. Facing the cross, Axel grabs the handles and sticks his ass out for Brandon’s fist. Brandon lubes up and Axel lowers himself down on Brandon’s hand. Jerking his pierced cock, Axel shoots a big load and Brandon licks it up.

Studio: Club Inferno
Actors: Axel Abysse, Brandon Moore