Austin Young – Anonymous Lust II – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Austin Young

Sometimes you just want to fuck a boy until his eyes roll back into his head and his ass is hamburger. The younger and more innocent he is the harder and longer you want to fuck him, to make him suffer, to punish him or being so desirable, a fucking little tease. That has always been the fantasy of the young man torturing Austin and the older man behind his abduction: not to fuck Austin for their own pleasure but to destroy his hot, tight asshole, to fuck him senseless, to make him wish he were being whipped or shocked with a cattle prod instead of being fucked. And now it happens. The poor boy is fucked by a machine, operating at full force, nonstop, for hours. His boyish moans and pleas for relief fill the room, until he finally passes out, the machine still fucking him.