Austin Young – Anonymous Lust II – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Austin Young

The anonymous young man and his older companion, watching from afar, continue to live out their fantasy of torturing porn star Austin Young. The men want to hurt Austin but, even better, they love keeping him naked, helpless and terrified – never knowing what will be done to his young, incredibly boyish body next. Soon his sexy nipples scream in pain from being repeatedly whipped with riding crop. His tiny stomach, sucked in hard from being hung by his wrists, is covered with deep, red welts from the crop. His boyish whimpers and cries are music to both men’s ears. He finally passes out and is chained, facedown, to a small table, his ass up in the air. He wakes up on the have his tight, bulbous boy butt brutally fucked by a machine.