Austin Young – Anonymous Lust II – Chapter 3

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Austin Young

Little Austin Young is given a brief rest, still bound to a cross, now just 20-degrees off the floor, his hairless body quivering from hours of torment. “Would you like to go home, boy?” the gruff man asks over the speaker. “Yes, please,” Austin begs, his wide eyes searching the empty darkness. “Then show me some cum!” the man bellows, as his silent, young partner squirts lube on Austin’s fine cock and releases his left hand from its cuff. Exhausted from his long crucifixion, Austin puts all his energy into his erect cock, pumping out a huge load of cum. “I came for you!” he proclaims, thinking he will be released. An hour later he is up on his tip toes, bound and naked, then brutally flogged.