Amone Bane – Three Days Of Pain – Chapter 8

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Young Amone Bane has no idea how long he has hung on the cross. Every sinew in his body is in agony. Nothing he does relieves the pain; its intensity just shifts from one body part to another. His muscular physique is his worst enemy. Most men would have collapsed by now, and we’d be forced to cut them down or place straps under their arms to relieve the pressure, but not Amone; he has the strength to endure. His body weight pulls him apart, hour after hour, his muscles glistening, his beautiful face agonized, his boyish moans continuous. He thinks he suffers alone, but thousands of men are watching him on video, stroking their cocks while starting at his, lusting after his perfect body, naked and hairless, stretched and straining.