Amone Bane – Three Days Of Pain – Chapter 7

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Axel Johnson, Grey Gold

Amone Bane is strapped to a wooden cross, flat on his back, naked and alone. He hears the whirl of a motor and feels himself rising off the ground. The cross stops just three feet up and Axel Johnson appears, pulling his cock from his pants. If Amone were not a 21-year-old athlete, he’d simply be crucified. But because of his strength and beauty he must endure much more. Axel shoves his pulsating cock into Amone’s mouth. The boy accepts the fact that he must please this man sexually and hang on this cross for two extra hours. After enjoying the boy’s mouth, Axel pulls out and cums all over him then raises him up. Amone cannot believe the strain on his crucified body. In an hour he is in agony, from his straining pecs covered in cum to his trembling legs. And he has nine more hours to go.