American Sicko Part 3: Friend Of The Psycho

Actors: Roman Todd, Zeno Rey

Barry Black (Zeno Rey) is having a drink with his co-worker Brian Peterman (Roman Todd) when he decides to show off his new business cards. Unable to cope with Barry’s corporate bullshit, Brian decides to take him out. While Barry heads to the restroom, Brian slips on a pair of leather gloves and follows his unsuspecting colleague. As Barry is washing his hands, Brian attempts to choke him out but Barry suddenly turns around and mistakes his psychotic advances for being sexual. Barry confesses he has always been attracted to him but wasn’t sure if Brian felt the same. Brian briefly fucks Barry at the bathroom sink to seduce him into coming to his dungeon. Eager to please him, Barry allows Brian to gag him, tie him up, and hit him with a riding crop as much as he desires. While Barry is tied to a bondage chair, Brian edges Barry’s cock with a vibrator and threatens to castrate him if he cums. Despite Barry being able to resist a full orgasm, he makes a mess with all the precum that spills out. Brian punishes him by fucking Barry’s face while spanking him with a leather belt. Barry eagerly begs Brian to fuck his ass, loving every second of the twisted torment he is receiving.