American Sicko Part 1: Introduction To The Psycho

Actors: Roman Todd, Andrew Connor

Self-absorbed businessman Brian Peterman (Roman Todd), is in a constant battle with himself and his lesser nature. While at a bar talking with Barry Black (Zeno Rey), they are approached by their colleague Allen Paul (Andrew Connor) who mistakenly and continuously calls Brian the wrong name. Despite his overwhelming narcissism being triggered by Allen’s disrespect, Brian decides to play along in order to lure Allen back to his place to teach him a lesson. Distracted by Brian’s psychotic rambling, Allen is easily subdued and finds himself tied-up naked on the couch with a ball-gag in his mouth. Brian explains his true identity while beating on Allen with a riding crop, paying particular attention to his giant balls. Allen is then strung up to a St. Andrew’s Cross, begging to be let go while drooling from his gag. Not finished with breaking his cocky colleague’s ego just yet, Brian flogs Allen and then puts clothespins all over his exposed body. With the clothespins still attached, Brian unties Allen and orders him to lick his boots. Allen is then bent over the couch and fucked hard while Brian commands him to say his name.