Alexander Ray – Boy Toy Torment – Chapter 9

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Alexander Ray, JD Phoenix

JD Phoenix continues to pour searing hot wax on his new slave’s body. He splashes the liquid fire on Alexander Ray’s nipples, legs and all over his torso, each splash burning for minutes, filling his navel and dripping down his sides as he arches off the wood in agony. When the wax cools, JD whips it off the boy’s body with a flogger, then leaves him to contemplate his fate – to realize this is the most comfort he will ever enjoy, chained to a box, gagged and naked, his young body covered with welts, crusty cum on his stomach and genitals from the last time he was jerked off. All he can do now is wonder what torture and sexual humiliation he will endure next.