Alexander Ray – Boy Toy Torment – Chapter 6

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Alexander Ray, JD Phoenix

“Please, it hurts!” Alexander Ray begs as JD Phoenix continues to flog him on his back and ass. The naked slave, hanging upside down, legs spread, knows he will be fucked as soon as his master stops whipping him. Sure enough, moments later, a hard, plastic phallus is jammed up his ass, but it’s not even half the size of his master’s cock. “Thank god!” the boy thinks, expecting much worse. But JD has a surprise for him: The butt-plug might not be huge but it’s electrified! Alexander screams, his whole body convulsing, as short bursts of current flow into his asshole and radiate throughout his body, over and over, until he hangs limp. Then he’s bolted in the pillory again.