Alexander Ray – Boy Toy Torment – Chapter 5

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Alexander Ray, JD Phoenix

After being brutally fucked and left overnight in the pillory, young Alexander Ray finally realizes he’s a slave, to be used however his cruel master wishes, for as long as he wishes. He is now suspended upside-down, naked, his wrists spread and cuffed to a chain on the floor. His master, JD Phoenix, brandishes a new toy: a cat-o’-nine tails whip. He teases Alexander with it, caressing his body lightly before lashing his back, making him squirm and scream. “Why me?” Alexander asks with a boyish whimper, looking like a slab of prime veal hung by its legs to be tenderized. JD continues whipping the boy, stopping only to squeeze and slap his ass. Alexander knows he’s going to be fucked in this position, upside-down — and he’s right, but first he must be whipped some more.