Alexander Ray – Boy Toy Torment – Chapter 4

Studio: DreamBoyBondage
Actors: Alexander Ray, JD Phoenix

Alexander Ray has been jerked off, covered with cum and had a steel dildo rammed up his ass, but nothing prepared him for this. He is bent over, his head and wrists locked in a pillory, his legs spread wide, exposing his asshole. His new master, JD Pheonix, naked but for shoes and a harness, his huge cock hardening, gazes with lust at the helpless boy then beats his round ass with a leather paddle as he screams in agony. With his slave now warmed up, JD shoves his rock-hard cock deep into the boy’s tight ass then pounds him like a jack-hammer. Alexander moans and begs for mercy as he’s brutally fucked until JD finally pulls out and cums all over his back, marking the boy as a slave who will be fucked like this every day for the rest of his life.