Ace In The Hole #4 – Ace Stallion and Declan Blake

Studio: Fisting Central
Actors: Ace Stallion, Declan Blake

With the prison guards finally gone, Declan Blake is aching to have a go at Ace Stallion’s hungry ass. After commenting on how worn and torn his used hole already looks, Declan fits his hands in with ease. Ace rides Declan’s fist as the pervert prisoner lays on the bed and looks up to admire his cellmate’s overworked fuck slit. Ready to break it in even futher, Ace has Declan lay down, throw his legs back, and open up to take both of his rotating fists with Declan drooling over the view of his exposed insides. All the overwhelming stimulation to his wrecked ass has Ace cumming with a smirking Declan still stuffing and thrusting himself into his gaping hole.