A Painful Pinwheel Edging

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Reece Bentley, Sebastian Kane

Reece is one of the best boys, and not just in the eyes of his fans. Master Sebastian loves playing with the twink and making use of his big uncut cock, as do all the other boys, and this new incredible session of cock edging is a perfect example of the skill Master has when it comes to working a boy over. Reece is entirely at his mercy, strapped down to the bed, his cock stiff and throbbing, his eyes soon covered with a blindfold. Master Sebastian gets to work, rolling the pinwheel over the boy’s bare soles and tying his toes. It’s a great opener, but soon enough his attention it on that big cock and those full balls. Even the pain of the pinwheel rolling along his thick shaft doesn’t make the boy’s cock weaken, nor does the thin rope tugging his shaft and nuts down to his feet. Those experienced hands do their magic, ignoring the cries of pain and pleasure while the boy’s cock is made to explode in a gushing fountain! Of course, his cum soaked cock isn’t going to be freed just yet, there’s a little more torment to deliver.