A Lesson In Kink For Hung Blake – Part 3

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Sebastian Kane, Blake Harvey

Hung young Blake has certainly had a lesson in kinky fun in parts one and two of this introduction led by Master Kane, but after getting his cum wanked out of him there’s still a little more to come. The boy has had his cock sucked and wanked, his arse filled with a big dildo and had compromising photos taken throughout too, but now it’s time for a little more pain as Master ropes him up to the wall and proceeds to peg the boy in his most sensitive places. With tight pinches over his inner arms and around his cock and balls he’s soon experiencing the kind of pain Master likes to inflict, but it’s only going to get more intense when the pegs are ripped away from his flesh leaving red welts in their place. The boy can endure a lot, that’s clear, but will he be back?