A Lesson In Kink For Hung Blake – Part 2

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Blake Harvey, Sebastian Kane

Blake has had it pretty easy so far, Master Kane is easing him into some kinky action for the first time and gave the big-dicked boy some wanks and arse play in part one, roped and immobilized, now it’s time to test that tight hole. Led to the chair the boy eases his hole down on a big dildo, his tight pucker barely able to take it. Master has to take his time to get the boy impaled on the rubber prick, but once he’s down on it he’s gonna be staying there for a while. The boy’s cock throbs with delight when he’s fully down and roped into place, enduring the shape inside him and no doubt wanting to fuck himself with it while Master strokes his big cock for him. He’s soon on edge, his meat wet with lube and pre, Master’s hand rubbing up and down, only pausing to spank those sensitive balls. Finally he can’t hold back, cum begins to pump, a hot messy sprinkler of boy juice going off in the Master’s hand while he makes his new lad unload in an intense climax Blake has never experienced before. With the boy’s cock emptied what could be coming for part three? You should check that out and see.