3 Smooth Boys At His Mercy – Part 1

Studio: BoyNapped
Actors: Xavier Sibley, Taylor Mason, Zayne Bright, Myott Hunter

You all wish you were Xavier! This horny young dom is enjoying a bit of an overdose of fun in this session with submissive little captives Taylor, Myott and Zayne. The naked trio have no idea what’s in store but they know it’s not going to be fun when Xavier starts spanking Taylor’s smooth little butt. Myott is next in line for the rough treatment, with Zayne looking increasingly concerned while the boy yelps and cries out. Finally it’s Zayne’s turn and his cheeks are soon sore and red, ready to be photographed and filmed for Xavier to send to all his dom pals. They’re going to be so jealous of him, and they haven’t even seen what he gets to do to these boys in part 2 yet!